We have just received via email, a document from British/Welsh Gymnastics called ‘Step Forward Plan’. The document outlines the guidance to all gymnastic clubs in preparing to return safely to gymnastics following the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes a 3 step safe return to gymnastics. Step 1 (which is where we are now) is the ‘PREPARE to open‘ stage. This means that clubs will remain closed for the time being with the National Governing Body offering guidance and support to Club Managers/coaches during this step of the closure. The next two steps are RESUME then REBUILD. Within each ‘step’ there are four essential aspects considered including: PEOPLE, PLACES, PROGRAMMES AND PROTECTION. In the document there is a guideline to follow under each of the four aspects depending on the step we are at.

We are following this guidance from Welsh Gymnastics as we are a devolved government in Wales and the timescales of the Step forward plan within the four nations of Great Britain may differ slightly. To put it simply we are at the PREPARE to open step and are following the PEOPLE, PLACES, PROGRAMMES, PROTECTION categories under open. This basically means we remain closed and that the gym is cleaned and prepared to include controlled social distancing measure strategies in accordance with the Step Forward document.

We will keep everyone aware of the Step Forward Plan via this web page as soon as we receive it from Welsh Gymnastics. Thank you all for your patience – we are working hard to resume as quickly as possible in a safe, professional manner without compromising the health and well-being of our members.

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