When this first happened, I personally thought it was going to be for a few weeks. We closed the gym, the kids hugged us, and said our Goodbyes, and said “We will see you in a few weeks “ . Little did we know,  that 1 year down the line, we would be in this position.  I’m sure, we have all lost a friend or a family member to COVID or any other illness during this time, I know we have.
Today we are thinking about you all, whether it’s thinking of loved ones we have lost, or just how it’s affected us personally.
Its been a very hard time for the children, something that we never have had to experience as a child ourselves. We need to think about everyone at these difficult times. One of the hardest things is the NOT KNOWING.
We MUST keep positive, however hard it is. Keep Smiling, even if there’s pain behind it, think of what our children are seeing.
We will get through this, when ? cant answer that, but look for the bright light at the end of the tunnel, because there will be one.
Today , take 5 minutes out  to REFLECT on the last year, and think of family and friends. Make one phone call to check how someone is, you could change their day, and put a big Smile on their face.
Fingers crossed it won’t be much longer before we can see you all again in the gym.

Every day is closer to getting back to a bit of normality
Lots of Love
Thinking of you all
Mr & Mrs M

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