As you may have heard, we are allowed back to gym from August 10th. We have been preparing our gym over the last few weeks, for a safe return for everyone and to comply with post COVID regulations.

We have still got a little more preparation to do. To help us gather all the data of our members who INTEND to return, we ask that you contact us through:

We will only reply to members through this email. We will also send a copy of this statement to all our members who are registered with British/Welsh Gymnastics only.

We are expecting large volumes of email traffic.

Once we have gathered all the data, we can then let you know the details of lessons that will be open for your child.
All members current and new will be invited by appointment ONLY to re-register their child following the Pandemic.

Please work with us on this, to ensure a smooth transition back to training for everyone.

Please DO NOT contact us by any other means about returning, as we are ONLY using this email address above for members to return. Please let us know by Friday 7th August if you would like to re-register your child at our Academy.

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