A picture paints a thousand words! Here are the photos of the podium winners at last weekend’s CNGA annual championships. A huge well done to every child that took part – PARTICIPATE! ENJOY! ACHIEVE! Well done everyone! We are super proud of you all.

Reception girls Joint 6th place Betsy Forbes and Allessia Leizeriuc, 5th place Lilly Lewis, 4th place Alhadi Kibe, joint 2nd place Evie Link and Mali Draper 1st place Ayla Verde-Parry
Year 1 girls 6th place Denisa Zara, 5th place Lili Wixcey, 4th place Hallie Lloyd, 3rd place Emily Kosa, 2nd place Gianna Evans, 1st place Angelica Tormen
6th place Caley Wilson, 5th Place Maddison Meredith, 4th Place Ruby Wilson, 3rd place Isla May Chatterton, 2nd place Alba Davies, 1sts place Roseann Swain
Advanced year 2 3rd place Freya Haviland, 2nd Place Primrose Richards, 1sts Place Isla Brown
Boys 4th place Tolani Adebiyi, 3rd place, Finley Gittins, 2nd Place Andrea Iadevaia, 1dt Place Ieuan Draper
Year 2 boys 2nd place Oscar Watkins, 1st Place Nathaniel Porter
Year 3 girls 6th place Vanessa Petrescu, 5th place, Katherine Robinson, 4th place Lettie Daw-Evans, 3rd place Melanie Dirwai, 2nd place Shaniyah Sievwright, 1st place Daisy Clayden
Year 4 girls 6th place Natalia Kedzierska, 5th place Nia Kilsby-Carter, joint 3rd place Ava-Leigh Reynolds and Ffion Johnston, 2nd place Daisy Bolwell, 1st place Isla Irvine-Jones

Year 5 girls 6th place Maizie Davies-Willetts, 5th place Elsie Burns, 4th place Lottie Watkins, 3rd placeKyra-Rose Edmonds, 2nd place Bonnie Vaughan, 1st place Lena Serkowiak
Year 6 girls 6th place Marta Mrugacz, 5th place Aysha Kavak, 4th place Charlotte Powell, 3rd place Brooke Gauci, 2nd place Natalia Rogojsz, 1st place Jessica Shaw
Year 7 to 10 girls 6th place Zoe Marton, 5th Place Lowri Love, 4th place Olivia Bonnici, 3rd place Nissi Tape, 2nd place Jessica Holt, 1st place Binta Chatty
Adult category – 1st place – Jasmine Gough

8 in year Zinc competition squad 4th place Ava Traves, 3rd place Isla Bastow joint 1st place Evie Traves and Aurora Symons
9 in year Zinc competition squad 5th place Lilly-Rose Moss, 4th place Emily Jenkins, 3rd place Skye Hooper, 2nd place Livvy Darling-
Wyatt, 1st place Roselyn Dyer
10/11 age ZINC competition squad 6th place Evie Thorpe, 5th place Emily Rogers, 4th place Indie-Grace Jackson-Pollock, 3rd place Roksana Mikus, 2nd place Leah Tremaine, 1st place Avalyn Halford
12+ age category competition squad 6th place Ayla Clothier and Lydia Porter, 5th place Paige Williams, 4th place Poppy Price, 3rd place Nyah Henderson, 2nd place Sophia Matthews, 1st place Sophie Jenkiins
Copper level competition 12+ age group 3rd place Alys Davy, 2nd place Keeley Williams, 1st place Moridiat Olagunju
Bronze category 12+ age group 1st place – Mya Burrows

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