October 2nd, 2023

Artistry is everything… so the saying goes at CNGA. A total of 33 gymnasts represented the Academy at the South East Classic Challenge Championships this weekend.

It all started on Friday evening at 5pm…the venue..City of Newport Gymnastic Academy. 5 Academy gymnasts in the TIN category performed amazing routines including floors to music.

Roselyn Dyer competed in her first Artistic Competition in the 8 years Tin category – well done Ros! We are so proud of you! Roselyn achieved 5th place on the Bars, 5th place on the beam and 5th place overall.

In the 9 years Tin category – four girls competed as a team. They were: Millie Rolfe, Indie-Grace Jackson-Pollock, Georgina Salijeni and Roksana Mikus. All of them worked fantastic routines and made their coaches proud – well done girls! You’re simply the best!

There was plenty to celebrate. Millie achieved 5th place on vault, 4th on beam and 5th place overall. Roksana achieved 4th on vault, 4th on beam and 6th place overall. Georgina achieved 3rd position on bars. Indie achieved 6th place on Bars. Millie, Roksana, Indie and Georgina also placed silver in the team event. Congratulations girls ! go CNGA!# loving gymnastics!

back row left to right: Indie, Millie, Georgina front row left to right: Roksana, Roselyn

The next round on the Friday evening belonged to Maria Lebedik who competed in her first artistic competition in the 12+ age category TIN. What a super performance from Maria who put her heart and soul into every routine. Well done Maria and welcome to competition squad gymnastics! Maria achieved 6th position on floor #very proud coaches! We also want to sing her praises as a volunteer/leader every week with the beginner girls groups! What a super girl!

well done Maria Lebedik

Saturday morning first light… 8.30am start. It was the turn of 3 gymnasts – 9 in the year ZINC. What a fabulous performance from all 3 girls. Lacie Blake, Avalyn Halford and Anastajza Zmudowska. Their floor routines were a delight to watch and impressed and wow’d all the judges and visiting coaches for their beautiful artistry. Amazing job well done girls! Results included Gold for Avalyn on the vault and 5th place on vault for Anastajza!! Wow! A huge well done to Lacie Blake too for excellent routines all round. Their team placed 5th. We couldn’t have asked for more from these gymnasts – congratulations!

The next round Saturday morning our 10/11 years ZINC girls. Lydia Porter, Darcy-Rae Birch, Isla Phillips, Emily Rogers, Leah Tremaine, Laura Pazik, Cassidy Jordan. A superb performance by all gymnasts in this age category. The difference in scores from 1st place to 8th place was 0.2 – which was a very close margin! Excellent effort, with just a few minor hiccups from the girls. Again though, the artistry on floor was mesmerizing and applauded by the judges – well done girls great team effort!

back row left to right: Cassiy, Darcy-Rae, Isla, Emily front row left to right: Leah, Laura, Lydia

The Saturday afternoon round was a marathon event. 16 CNGA gymnasts made up 4 teams who all did an amazing job. Isobel Engstrom, Jasmine Evans, Roksana Tkaczynska, Poppy Price, Ayla Clothier, Lara Clarke, Paige Williams, Nia Williams, Daisy Ward, Annabelle Thomas, Ava Spiteri, Nyah Henderson, Sophia Matthews, Eve Peart, Lolita Klusevich and Moridiat Olagunju.

Individual achievements included Eve Peart – 4th on vault, 3rd on Beam and 5th Overall

Lolita Klusevich – 3rd on vault

Moridiat Olagunju – Gold on vault, 3rd on Bars, Gold on floor, 3rd overall. There was also 4th team place for Team Sparkle and silver place for Team Pink. Amazing stuff!!

Both Eve and Moridiat will now represent the 12+ South East zinc team at the finals in North Wales on Saturday 14th October. A huge well done to them all!

back row left to right: Moridiat, Nia, Lolita, Lara, Isobel, Roksana, Annabelle, Nyah, Eve front row left to right: Daisy, Paige, Sophia, Poppy, Ava, Ayla, Jasmine

All these fantastic gymnasts made us very proud coaches at CNGA. They were so supportive of each other, so respectful to other clubs, and again, put every ounce of effort into the competition – they stood out a mile! We are so proud of them all. The judges, other officials and coaches of other clubs could not believe how amazing our gymnasts were, both on and off the competition floor and how many gymnasts we manage in the competition group at CNGA. Well done to every gymnast who competed for CNGA – you are a credit to the Academy and yourselves and your families! Of particular note throughout their competition was again, the Artistry on floor which impressed the judges, coaches and the audience. Hats off to you girls!!

Sunday morning round 2 and it was the turn of our final gymnast in the competition – Keeley Williams in the 12+ age Copper category. Keeley worked amazing routines, and in a tough ompetition, Keeley managed to position 6th overall, just missing out on a finals place in North Wales. She positioned 3rd on Bars and Gold, yes.. Gold on Floor! Another impressive routine that wow’d the judges again with Artistry. Well done Keeley for a great performance, considering that you weren’t feeling 100% on the day!

Keeley with her gold floor medal, 6th place overall ribbon and 5th place on beam

It was another successful weekend at CNGA. It has to be mentioned that Tina, Director and senior coach at CNGA has, in addition to all other apparatus routines, choreographed and produced all the remarkable floor routines for these wonderful young gymnasts that wow’d the crowd and other clubs in South East Wales this weekend – congratulations Tina! You are an amazing coach and choreographer!!


August 21st, 2023

Please see the latest email received from Welsh Gymnastics

A new telephone system for Welsh Gymnastics
You spoke, we listened.

During some of our recent consultations, member feedback included challenges that individuals sometimes faced in reaching us or getting answers to queries, via our telephone lines.

In response to this feedback, Welsh Gymnastics have partnered with Transport for Wales in order to provide a brand new, fully bilingual, receptionist system.

Through this system, all calls will be answered and dealt with straight away, where possible – or redirected to the relevant member of staff best placed to help.

Calls will be monitored to continually improve our customer service experience and the information provided by Welsh Gymnastics. 

We ask that all members now call our 0300 3003127 telephone number, rather than the British Gymnastics number, to receive the information relevant for Wales. 


August 21st, 2023

The Academy and all members will be required to renew their membership from 1st October 2023. Normally, the Academy and all current and new members renew their memberships during September – ready for October. Please do not update your membership during September.

There will be a new system in place for membership called Sport80, from 1st October which will replace the current system of registration. We will send out all the information that you’ll need to know about registration very soon…


August 4th, 2023

All members please note that we are closed 7th August to 20th August 2023. All emails will be answered on our return (Monday 21st August) when gym will resume as normal. Thanks everyone.


August 3rd, 2023

All parents/carers – we wanted to broadcast this safety notice as there has been a growing trend in the number of children wearing jewellery and false nails (acrylics) to gym. Firstly, with jewellery – we cannot permit a child to take part in gymnastics who is wearing jewellery of any kind. Likewise our coaching staff remove their items of jewellery and watches etc.. to teach the children. The only tolerance is that newly pierced stud earrings may be covered up with tape from home and worn during the lesson.

With regards to acrylics (false nails), we cannot allow children or coaching staff to wear these items during gymnastics. I am sure that this is the rule for almost every sports club affiliated to a National Governing Body and definitely the rule in school PE lessons. Please make sure that your child is not wearing acrylics as they will not be allowed to participate in the gymnastic lesson at our Academy.

Thanks for your continued support of our academy and rules.


July 30th, 2023

Jemima Taylor is celebrating yet another fantastic achievement at the European Youth Olympic Festival inMaribor, Slovenia returning home with a Bronze Team Medal. Representing Great Britain again this year, Jemima who was part of a three gymnast team for GB, achieved 16th place out of 83 competitors in the individual all round competition. Jemima also managed to secure a top 8 position in the vault and floor finals.

A huge congratulations to Ema Kandalova who achieved bronze medal position in the overall individual competition.

28 July 2023 – In the vault final Jemima performed two very good vaults – a full twisting Yurchenko, and her second vault – a straight Yurchenko. These ‘world class’ vaults were performed by all the finalists. Jemima positioned 9th in the final on vault (as there were two gymnasts who were joint 8th). The difference in the scores from 3rd position to 9th was extremely close.

Congratulations to Ellie Lewis and Ema Kandalova who also made the individual apparatus finals on the Uneven Bars. Ellie positioned 6th and Ema 7th in this event. Well done TEAM GB!!

29 July 2023 – On the final day of the artistic gymnastics competition, Jemima performed her floor exercise again in the final. It was a fantastic personal performance – full of originality, acrobatic and dance skills and beautifully choreographed throughout. This event was closely fought by all 8 finalists. Jemima positioned 4th overall. The difference in scores from gold position to 4th was only 0.9 – a very close margin! Well done Jemima we are so proud of you!

Many congratulations from everyone at City of Newport Gymnastic Academy to Jemima and all the gymnasts and TEAM GB Coach Tracey Skirton-Davies.

Read more about this amazing event at:

Welsh artistic trio enjoy successful European Youth Olympic Festival (


July 29th, 2023

Now that the children have started their summer holiday from school, here are the dates for gymnastic training up until they re-start school in September

Monday 31st July 2023 – no gym

Tuesday 1st August – GYM AS NORMAL 5-7pm

Wednesday 2nd August – GYM AS NORMAL plus the Monday class girls

Wednesday 2nd August – GYM AS NORMAL competition squad gymnasts

Thursday 3rd August – GYM AS NORMAL 5-7pm

Friday 4th August – GYM AS NORMAL competition squad gymnasts

Friday 4th August – GYM AS NORMAL boys beginner class

Monday 7th August to Sunday 20th August – GYM CLOSED (SUMMER HOLIDAY BREAK)

Monday 21st August onwards – GYM AS NORMAL

Monday 28th August – NO GYM – Bank holiday

Tuesday 29th August – GYM AS NORMAL

Wednesday 30th August – GYM AS NORMAL For beginner girls and Monday beginner girls

Wednesday 30th August – GYM AS NORMAL competition squad gymnasts

Thursday 31st August – GYM AS NORMAL

FRIDAY 1st September – GYM AS NORMAL

Monday 4th September onwards – GYM AS NORMAL From the timetable


July 19th, 2023

Tom Cowan, a former gymnast at CNGA has just graduated from Cambridge University with a Pharmacology degree. What an amazing achievement from one of our former gymnasts. We all wish him the very best for the future! WELL DONE TOM !! Pictured below Tom representing CNGA at the Men’s Floor and Vault Championships in Sport Wales National Centre prior to him starting his University degree course.


July 18th, 2023

City of Newport Gymnastic Academy hosted this years’ GYMSTARS event earlier this month. The results were excellent. Gymnasts competed from all over the UK and the standard was excellent. All photos from this event were uploaded to our social media pages only. Congratulations to all 17 gymnasts who represented CNGA. Every CNGA gymnast achieved a top 6 position either on an individual apparatus or overall at the competition – AMAZING !!!

The following results (top 6 placements) were achieved by our gymnasts:

Avalyn Halford 6th Vault, 5th Bars, 6th Floor

Leah Tremaine 3rd on Floor

Sophie Jenkins 5th on Beam

Laura Pazik 1st Vault, 5th Floor,

Ayla Clothier 6th Vault, 4th Bars, 1st Floor, 6th overall

Moridiat Olagunju 1st vault, 2nd Bars, 1st Beam. 1st overall

Nia Williams 5th Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd overall

Paige Williams 5th vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Beam, 6th overall

Bella Lewis 5th Vault, 5th Bars, 5th Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd overall

Alys Davy 4th Vault, 6th overall

Keeley Williams 1st vault, 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor, 2nd overall

Eve Peart 2nd Vault, 4th Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st overall

Ava Spiteri 1st Vault, 3rd Bars, 4th Beam, 4th Floor, 2nd overall

Sophia Matthews 3rd Vault, 5th Bars, 5th Floor, 4th overall

Poppy Price 6th Vault, 2nd Beam

Jasmine Evans 3rd Vault, 5th Bars,

Roksana Tkaczynska 6th Vault, 6th Bars, 6th Floor

The medal table from this event was very impressive this year – the highest achievement to date from CNGA at a GYMSTARS event !

Gymnasts who achieved overall top 6 positions in their respective age and category were:

Moridiat Olagunju 1st Place

Eve Peart 1st Place

Keeley Williams 2nd overall

Ava Spiteri 2nd overall

Nia Williams 3rd overall

Bella Lewis 3rd overall

Sophia Matthews 4th overall

Ayla Clothier 6th overall

Alys Davy 6th overall

Paige Williams 6th overall

GOLD MEDALS 11 (4 on vault, 1 on Bars, 2 on Beam, 2 on Floor, 2 overall positions)

SILVER MEDALS 6 (1 on vault, 1 on Bars, 2 on Beam, 2 overall positions)

BRONZE MEDALS 10 (2 on vault, 1 on Bars, 2 on Beam, 3 on Floor, 2 overall positions)

This was a very successful event for the gymnasts and the Academy. The GYMSTARS organisers have requested our venue for next years’ event. Well done to everyone who took part!

Many thanks to all the coaches and voluntary staff who helped make the weekend a very successful event.


July 18th, 2023

Bank Holidays and alternative lesson times

As you know we close on Bank Holiday Mondays. We offer our Monday beginner lessons the opportunity to train on Wednesday or Friday of the week that has a bank holiday Monday. Please note the following IMPORTANT DATES for your diaries:

GYM CLOSED – MONDAY 31ST JULY (alternative date Wednesday 2nd August, or Friday 4th August)



GYM CLOSED – MONDAY 28TH AUGUST (alternative date Wednesday 30th August or Friday 1st September)

GYM CLOSED – MONDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER (NEW GYMNASTIC FLOOR BEING FITTED (alternative date Wednesday 20th September or Friday 22nd September)

Monthly Fees – All members – Standing Orders

All members are respectfully asked to pay their monthly fee by standing order on the 1st of every month of the year. If you are paying your monthly fee after the 5th of the month, please can you re-adjust your standing order for the following month. As explained in our Terms and Conditions, monthly fees are calculated over a school year (39 weeks) and spread (pro-rata) over 12 equal monthly payments. This means for example, that fees are due as normal in August even though there is a two week coach summer holiday break. Members are asked to speak to staff at CNGA for any further clarification with fees throughout the year.

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